6 Effective Tips to Pass Microsoft Certification Exams

Microsoft certifications have taken a strong position in the IT world. Many people around the world are striving to obtain one of these credentials. Today, HR managers are looking for professionals with the Microsoft certificate. After all, these certifications not only verify the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and ability related to Microsoft technologies but also allow to have an edge over the colleagues and peers.

The truth is simple – if you want to earn the certification, then you should pass the exams. Microsoft certification examinations may be difficult, but if you follow particular tips, you will increase your chances of passing these tests. One of the crucial things to do when you are preparing for Microsoft exams is to have a test plan and effective training tools. You can sit on your computer and answer the exam questions, but your anxiety about the test will go if you have a good strategy to take it.

 In this article, you’ll find the most effective and useful tips you should follow during your exam preparation. Explore them, and you will see that Microsoft examinations are not so black as they are painted.

 Steps for Microsoft Certification Exam Preparation

 Step 1. Know what you need to know:

Microsoft certification exams are often difficult, they have a lot of ambiguity, and each question is a trick. Also, it is difficult to guess what will be on the exam. The answer is that you cannot encounter questions you have not read about. To get respective and thorough information related to Microsoft exams, you can visit Microsoft.com where you will see a detailed overview of each exam you want and know most of the topics in each test. Here you can also find many basic goals you need and address the sub-goals. Each sub-goal has a set of skills listed as a paragraph. Put all the skills you want to list in the Excel spreadsheet. Make sure you understand the details of each skill in the list. 

Step 2. Find good study materials:

You need really good material to study. You can use the written content of experts in this field to achieve the objectives of success in the exams at official Microsoft courses. It should be noted that most concepts will be covered in detail in the course content. You can use the skills list as a guide to content. If you do not have the opportunity to go through a formal Microsoft course, you can study the course of Microsoft books. These books contain a lot of information that will benefit you to successfully study the course.

 There are also many websites that contain information about Microsoft certification exams, along with effective training courses. One of such sites is Prepaway, it contains all necessary data related to the exam, and turns a monotonous self-preparation process into dynamic and efficient action.

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 Stage 3. Take notes:

On the off chance, it is that imperative. You should scribble down each specialized while contemplating for an exam. You can use both a blue pen and paper or OneNote. Specialized subtle elements can be any – from the PowerShell command, you can set the registry settings to setup them for .NET applications. You have to record anything that could be a possibility for an exam question.

 It is interesting to know that this process of taking notes will help you fix all important moments in your transient memory. You memorize a lot of information while writing, and it is a really useful and helpful method.

 Step 4. Practice:

It is a well-known fact that theory without practice is ineffective. Thus, if you want to pass your certification exam with flying colors, you should give time to practice. Nowadays, they’re a lot of practice tests that help overview the exam you’ll take, and test your knowledge and skills. These hands-on tests are necessary to know about the appropriate Microsoft examination. You will know the topics that are considered in the test, and what skills you should have to take it. Naturally, you should understand that question in practice tests differ from those that are present in the actual certification examination.

 Step 5. Relax, don’t be nervous:

Relax, it is not a fairy tale, it is possible to pass the Microsoft exams at the first attempt. Thus, you should have a good night’s sleep before the date of your exam. You can revise the learned material but don’t overload your brain. Don’t learn new information, it will be useless.

 When the exam date comes, you should remember some things:

 –       You should read all the questions carefully and attentively.

–       You can skip a question if you don’t know an answer.

–       If you are unsure of the answer, go to your first choice and suppose there is research to support it.

–       You can also narrow the answer options to the lowest possible level, and then choose the answer you think is the best.

–       You can return to your missed questions, and try to find a respective answer.

 Step 6. Manage your time:

Here is the last and easy step on how to pass the certification exams.

When you start the exam, you will be given the total number of questions and the amount of time available. You must specify how much time you have for each question, so as not to be surprised by the end of the specified time and there are some questions unanswered. Put a good time for each question does not exceed it so as not to waste time and lose a large number of points. Do not think about the number of questions, just think about answering more questions correctly. If you are unsure about answering a question, mark it and go to the next question.

 Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that influence on the success of your exam. But the main thing is a profound and thorough preparation. You can spend a lot of time surfing on the Internet and looking for good study materials, but all your efforts will be rewarded. Follow the above-mentioned tips and prove that it is possible and even not so challenging to pass Microsoft examinations.

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